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Mediterranean spirit and passion for holistic food preparation

I was born and raised inIstanbul, the city that I am still in love with. After graduating from Marketing and Business school of Bosphorus University, I took many career opportunities from insurance to sales and marketing of fragrances/flavours. At a very young age, I gained a lot of privileges but also the stress of being a managing director. I traveled a lot to run my projects in Europe, Japan and the United States.

Eventually,  there was another opportunity in front of me. We were in a promising relationship with my boy friend and we have decided to combine our passions in business: Cooking and Boats. Extremely amateur, we have started to cater our friends on his boat on unique Bosphorus. This adventure ended up as our company. (www.keyiforganizasyon.com) Now, putting this long and difficult time of our lives in few words sounds very ordinary and there are no short forms to describe, all the stages that the entrepreneurs like us have gone through!! I had been working in all aspects of our company from menu planning, cooking, cost control to marketing, organizing, banquet planning. This was 14 years ago and since then we run the most successful dinner cruise boat of Bosphorus Istanbul, together with a catering business. We are the luckiest blessed couple to be able to manage to have built up the most amazing team so that we could be brave to have a new adventure in our lives…

 A tremendous adventure for many people, and most of them in fact call it a risk!!  To be able to give a better quality of life and give the gift of being world citizens to our lovely two daughters, we moved to Vancouver.  Yes, we left a great life behind, and took the initiative to totally trust our team to take care of our third baby; our business, however we started an inspiring journey for our kids and ourselves. Even tough we have been traveling a lot, to live in another culture was a brand new experience. 

My big challenge was to find a new path in my life to channel all my creative energy, especially while living my top productive years. Life has been always a learning game for me and I thought the best way to integrate with a different culture is education. My passion for food and healthy life style guided me to the only address ; Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Today it is time to combine my past experiences with my new value to create food for souls and moods. My belief is the food prepared with love, passion and wholesome goodies of the mother earth if eaten in the warmth of family and friends can heal the soul, mind and body.