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Our difference 

My Sunny Bites cuisine brings the flavours & lifestyle of the Eastern Mediterranean to Vancouver. I grew up in a food culture that is colourful, rich in spices, warm in flavours and a delight for the eyes.

One of the things that I really love about Turkish food is that it’s very honest and humble. Simple ingredients are transformed into visual masterpieces that sing with flavour.

My Sunny Bites brings sunshine to your table.









I am Aysha, a chef, a mother, a nutritionist, rock climber, boat owner…. Whenever & wherever I cook for friends and family, I am always aware that food feeds our bodies & souls. Food takes us on a journey.

I love buying food, cooking food, presenting food, taking photos of food, reading about food and most importantly eating! I’m a trained nutritionist, so I can always indulge and never feel guilty.

The millions of combinations you can create with food to heal our bodies and minds is a passion that I enjoy exploring and sharing with others. 

I invite you to come and share my passion in this beautiful food journey of healing …