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Gluten Free Desserts and Healthy Snacks

Power Bar

Baked Chocolate Doughnuts

Almond cookies

Avocado mouse & banana crunch

Chia fruit pudding

Sunflower chocolate cookies

Raw Brownies

Sweet Sensations

Japanese cheesecake

Chocolate cheese cake with cream &raspberry

 Mini chocolate fruit cups

Chocolate dipped marshmallows

 Mini cupcakes

Milfoil with Strawberries

Miniature tiramisu cups

Mini tarts

Fudge brownie

Apple Strudel

Turkish Desserts


Kadayıf (Vermicelli with nuts and syrup)

Şekerpare (Cookies in syrup)

Tavuk göğsü (Chicken breast Puding)

Keşkül (Almond Pudding)

Un helvası (Flour Halva)

Fırın Sütlaç (Caramelızed rice puding)

Tavuk Göğsü

This dessert is a real talking point, many call it one of Turkey’s signature dishes. Yes it contains chicken, but it’s sweet and melts in the mouth. You’ve just got to try it!


The end of the meal, the start of memories. Desserts are a very important element for your party or event, so make sure that you leave your guests with delicious treats, which can also be healthy!

Each dish comes in 2 sizes: 5-6 or 10-12 servings 

We are happy to supply drinks too, just ask.

We deliver to your door, in high quality disposable serving dishes ready to be served. We can also provide crockery, napkins etc – just ask.

If you want an elegant party, we will present all dishes in chic serving ware (porcelain-wood-pottery-silverware). Please get in touch for an estimate.

Warm items are delivered in proper ware, to be warmed either in microwave or oven with instructions.

We can also set-up, serve, supervise and tidy up for you. Tick the box when placing your order and we’ll give you a quote.

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